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Make a Local Express Grant

The Local Express Grants Program (LEG) is a way for real estate boards and associations to process their fundraised or budgeted donations through the Foundation to shelter-based organizations in their communities.

(This program is currently only available for real estate boards and associations.)

In 2024, we are offering an exciting top-up incentive to boards and associations to use the program. Watch the video to learn more.

The Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation’s Local Express Grants program is a way for Member Boards and Associations to process their local fundraising donations through the Foundation to support shelter-related causes in their communities. 'Shelter-related causes' are defined as registered charities that provide individual Ontarians with a refuge, haven, or other type of protection from the effects of hunger, the elements, abuse, disabilities, and illness. 

Real Estate Boards and Associations:

Use this incentive to give MORE $ to your local charities!


Benefits to your Board or Association 

The Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation will provide a 10% match (up to a maximum of $1,000 per year) in additional funding, per Member Board or Association, to be dispersed to local charitable partner(s) of your choice. This match is accumulative and can be used on multiple applications until you reach the maximum per year amount. 



To make a Local Express Grant, please download and complete this form (later in 2024 we will have this form available in the Members area for all Boards and Associations to use).